There are many ways to tie your shoelaces and the way that you tie then can affect how your shoe feels and the way it fits. The majority of us won’t change the way our shoes are laced after leaving the shop but it can be really beneficial to change the lacing for specific foot conditions.

Wide Foot / High Instep

If your shoes have two sets of eyelets, lace your shoes using the eyelets closest to the tongue.

If more room in your shoe is needed, use the over and under technique. This will give the foot more space and tightening the laces won’t overly tighten the fit.

Narrow Feet

If your shoe has two sets of eyelets, lace through the eyelets furthest from the tongue. The two sides of the shoe will be drawn together effectively making the shoe a tighter fit.

Heel Slippage

For many of us, heel slippage can be a problem. Use every eyelet on your shoes and form a “lace lock” at the top of the shoe. This will allow a tighter fit and will prevent the heel from rubbing.

Forming a lace lock can be tricky and may require some practice. When you reach the last eyelet on each side of the shoe, thread the lace through the top eyelet which will make a small loop. Thread the opposite lace through the loop and repeat on the opposite side before tying.

Narrow Heel / Wide Forefoot

It can be tricky to purchase shoes for a narrow heel and a wide forefoot as you’ll often find that the forefoot fits and the heel slips or vice versa.

For this foot type two sets of laces are recommended. With the first set of laces, lace the bottom 3 eyelets and lace the remaining eyelets with the second set. Use the lace lock technique above on the final eyelets to ensure a good heel fit.

The eyelets at the top of the shoe that are closest to the heel should be tied more tightly than the eyelets at the bottom of the shoe which are closest to the toe.

If you’re finding it difficult to get your shoes to fit securely, make an appointment with a Podiatrist for some expert advice and guidance as it’s possible that you may need an orthotic device for your shoe.

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