Shopping for school shoes is one of those dreaded tasks. We all know that school shoes can cost a small fortune only for your child to claim that they hurt after 20 minutes of wearing them!

What do we need to look out for?


There are many good shoe retailers that will offer a measuring and fitting service when buying new shoes. The measurements should be taken whilst the child is standing as feet can increase in size when weight bearing (that goes for adults too!). Shoes should be tried on and tested around the shop. 2-3 minutes of walking around the shop will be enough to determine a good fit. If the foot is slipping out of the shoe or rubs any part of the foot, it will not provide adequate support or comfort.


A slip on shoe will not offer the same support as a show with a Velcro, buckle or lace fastening. Test out the show to see how easily it will bend. A sturdy shoe will provide support in the midfoot but still flex at the ball of the foot.


Price and quality don’t always match. Look for a high quality material with a solid construction. A quality shoe will outlast inferior products, and generally take more abuse in the playground.

Many foot deformities are caused by poorly fitting footwear. Looking after your children’s feet gives them the ideal start for long term foot health.

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